One of the largest Insurance companies in Japan has a mobile health App with over a million  subscribers. Often, subscribers have difficulty using and understanding certain features of the app and need help.

The insurance company’s analysis suggested that a live view of the app in operation may be the answer. While watching a video may help sometimes, the company felt that there was no substitute to an Agent helping the subscriber operate the App in a live setting. But the existing solutions required downloading yet another app to enable a live view that could be shared by both parties – a non-starter. They needed a simple, browser based solution so the help desk agent could use a live view to guide the subscriber in setting up and using the app.

The company found Loookit’s browser based Visual Assistance platform to be the perfect solution for this use case. Loookit’s co-browsing and app sharing features allow the subscriber and agent to operate the app together with the agent providing real time assistance. Any issues or difficulties encountered by the subscriber are visible to the agent and resolved immediately. The results from field trials with subscribers were very positive. Lowering these “startup” barriers have increased app usage and improved overall customer satisfaction; compelling reasons for the Insurance Company to go live with Loookit for their App support needs.