Live HD Video
and Text Chat

Video Sharing with
Augmented Reality (AR)

Remote File Sharing and Form Interactions

Location Sharing and Live Directions


Improve your customer interactions with Loookit

Connect with customers and potential clients anywhere.

Without any software to download, Loookit is the perfect platform to connect with a variety of customers. Loookit’s tools also allows you to complete any task remotely.

There’s nothing to download,
and there are no device restrictions.

Use Loookit on your computer or mobile device without needing to download anything.


Connect to customers with a link or QR code.


Interact using Loookit’s wide variety of communication tools.


Save and share the meeting, or securely delete it.


Loookit is trusted globally to help companies reach customers.

Bring collaborative engagement capabilities into your conversations.

Use a variety of tools to help explain ideas, troubleshoot problems, and close deals.



Secure and ephemeral

No customer interactions are retained unless explicitly specified, to ensure the confidentiality of exchanges.


APIs for integration

All Loookit components are accessible by APIs and can be integrated into mobile apps, social apps, chatbots, and customer care applications.