Using Loookit, businesses can communicate with customers on any device to provide quick, easy, rich customer interactions. When Chat and Messaging interactions need to be escalated to live visual support.

Along with standard Audio/Video features, some Key differentiators in Loookit:

  • Smart Triggers – QR Code and links for inbound contact, among others.
  • Visual support with AR – share camera views for live visual assistance
  • Live Document Share – jointly view and markup documents.
  • Train and Assist customers to use Mobile Apps
  • Location – share location and route maps.
  • Images – view images & annotate jointly.
  • Easily add Secondary Devices.
  • Works with AR devices & smart glasses
  • Multiple Languages – available today in Japanese & English.

Provide remote help to customers

Loookit’s multi-media interactions are ideal for remote field support—whether guiding customers through installations or troubleshooting and diagnosing issues with home appliances, devices, or industrial equipment.


Improve client outreach with multimedia

Loookit’s suite of tools allows for any kind of sales interaction. From walking through real estate properties to sharing a brochure, you can do it with Loookit!


Know-Your-Customer (KYC)

Loookit’s multi-media interactions make for quick, remote identity confirmations, and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance.


Connect from any device.

Use a link or QR code to start a session and connect immediately. Loookit’s live audio and video let remote hosts interactively acquaint guests with their accommodations and local services.