Collaborative Customer Engagement Exchanges

Loookit provides a complete set of rich content interactions and exchanges that can be initiated on-demand via phone call, chat, or web link. No data is stored unless explicitly requested.




Live HD video


Co-browsing with multiple cursors



The Loookit Platform

Multiple ways to engage

Loookit can be initiated by a URL or QR code provided in a text message, email, or by a ChatBot with routing instructions embedded to get the customer connected with the right person who can help.   


No customer interactions are retained unless explicitly specified, to ensure the confidentiality of exchanges.


As required, customer interactions in Loookit can be recorded in whole or in part.

APIs for integration

All Loookit components are accessible by APIs and can be integrated into mobile apps, social apps, chatbots, and customer care applications.

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Interactive form completion

Loookit eliminates the need to digitize forms and allows users to collaboratively complete and sign documents within Loookit during an interaction.

Interactive whiteboard canvas

Loookit provides concurrent drawing capabilities for multiple users on an interactive canvas.


Upon request and user approval, Loookit accesses mobile and desktop cameras for taking snapshots of locations, people, items, and documents.

Live chats & live bots

Loookit provides human-to-human chat interactions, 3rd-party AI-driven chatbot interactions or a combination of both.

Location and map services

Upon request and user approval, Loookit immediately identifies the exact location of the customer and provides dispatch information such as route maps and ETAs.

Screen share

Loookit allows users to share their screens with other users working on desktops.

Live HD video

Upon request and user approval, Loookit accesses mobile and desktop cameras for HD video interactions.