Waagu was founded by repeat entrepreneurs Nagesh Challa and Rao Gobburu in Cupertino, California with presence in Tokyo and India. With seed funding from the founders and corporate partners such as NTT Docomo, Waagu has embraced the “lean startup” approach and successfully developed and deployed its cloud service, Loookit. With patent pending technology, Loookit addresses the unmet need for big and small companies to bring rich digital capabilities to customer interactions in a simple and easy to use manner without Apps or downloads.

Loookit has been deployed in large enterprises in Japan through a partnership with Fujitsu and the company currently is focused on bringing advanced customer contact and communications capability to businesses worldwide.


Trusted by leading brands

Successfully deployed by large enterprise customers in Japan, Loookit is the easiest way to add capabilities like Augmented Reality, Document Markup, Image and Location Sharing into existing Conventional Call Center interactions for sales and remote customer assistance.

Using Loookit, businesses can communicate with customers on any device to provide quick, easy, rich customer interactions. When Chat and Messaging interactions need to be escalated to live visual support – Loookit is the solution!

Along with standard Audio/Video features, some Key differentiators in Loookit:

  • Smart Triggers – QR Code and links for inbound contact, among others.
  • Visual support with AR – share camera views for live visual assistance
  • Live Document Share – jointly view and markup documents.
  • Train and Assist customers to use Mobile Apps
  • Location – share location and route maps.
  • Images – view images & annotate jointly.
  • Easily add Secondary Devices.
  • Works with AR devices & smart glasses
  • Multiple Languages – available today in Japanese & English.

Loookit is a proven Remote Visual Assistance service from Waagu Inc.

Delivering advanced digital customer support capabilities to businesses of all sizes, Loookit is a low cost browser based solution. Customers can use it from their existing devices, without requiring any downloads or complex setups.