Joan, a spry older individual, can’t wait to see her first grandson. If a redeye with connections will get her there today, then so be it. But travel is not always smooth. Occasionally there are hiccups. And you appreciate the help in smoothening them out

Agent: “Thank you for calling SwiftAir. This is Stanley from customer support.
Dr Livingstone I presume?”

Joan: “Oh hi. Yes. This is Joan Livingstone. Wait, how do you know my name?”
Agent: “Simple, Dr Livingstone. Remember you entered your mobile number into the quick form? Just after you scanned in SwiftAir’s QR code near Gate 67 at SFO?
The system linked up your name as the traveler.”
Joan: “Oh yesssss. That’s right.”

Agent: “So Joan, I see that you are at Gate 67. But that’s the flight to New York!
The system says you are headed to Savannah, Georgia via Dallas!
You should be at Gate 70 for SA312 to Dallas.
Something is off. So, how can I help?”

Joan: “That’s exactly why I am calling. I have a tight connection in Dallas and I am very worried that I’ll miss it. I have been waiting to board my flight to Dallas. It was supposed to take off at six. And it is already six fifteen. The folks at the desk are swamped. At my age, elbowing my way through a bunch of yelling passengers won’t work.
Luckily your sign by Gate 67 is nice and big.
I figured I’d get somebody to help if I walked across to 67 and scanned your help QR code.
Can you help me?”

Agent: “Smart! That’s exactly what the sign is for. Now let’s take a look. Oh yes, Flight SA312 is late due to weather and you are very likely to miss your connection. But I do see a later flight out of Dallas. Would you like me to rebook you on the later flight? No fare difference.”

This was an imaginary conversation between a traveler and an airline agent. It describes an ideal scenario. But it also asks an intriguing question – how did Stanley, the support agent, know where exactly the traveler, Dr Livingstone was? The short answer – SwiftAir uses Loookit!

Loookit is a customer support solution that is available today. Organizations can use it to differentiate themselves by delivering superior customer support. Rich exchanges can take place between support agents and their customers. Accessible from any connected device equipped with a web browser. It reduces user friction. No downloads or installs further eases the usability.

The traveler and the support agent can start with an audio call, escalate it to a video call if needed. They can jointly view documents like tickets or itineraries. Immediately share pictures for say, damage assessments, and location for navigational guidance.

Most importantly, Loookit allows customers to start an exchange by clicking on a link placed on a web page or by scanning an appropriate QR code.

Loookit QR codes are extensible. Airlines can add into it any helpful, relevant information. Examples are the gate location and airport information as we saw. They can also include language preferences or frequent flyer club affiliations. Scanning the QR code initiates a call center like request to the customer support agent pool. The requests are queued in a waiting room and the encoded information allows the most appropriate customer agents to respond. This additional information overlaid with traditional call center information allow the airline to deliver superlative customer satisfaction.

Loookit is available today. It is not only for airlines. AirBnB owners, real estate management houses with multiple properties can use it to assist renters. Equipment manufacturers can use it to connect support requests to appliance specialists.

Contact Loookit to see how you can use it.


About the author : Rao Gobburu

About the author : Rao Gobburu