In an increasingly digital world, the power of technology to transform traditional business operations cannot be overstated. The combination of RealWear’s hands-free wearable devices and Loookit’s robust online customer engagement platform is a game-changer, particularly in the realm of remote audits and inspections. The combination of the Loookit platform and RealWear device has a range of benefits:

RealWear’s smart glasses are specifically designed for industrial applications, providing hands-free access to critical information right in the worker’s line of sight. This functionality is perfectly complemented by Loookit’s platform, which offers secure, easy-to-setup, and versatile communication features – making it an ideal choice for remote audits and inspections.

Simplifying the Process

The ease of setup of the Loookit platform and the intuitive design of the RealWear Navigator 500 series head-mounted devices glasses make conducting remote audits and inspections straightforward and efficient. RW users can initiate a session by simply scanning a QR code or clicking a link, allowing remote, offsite auditors to instantly connect with the onsite field worker and start the inspection. Loookit further simplifies the process by allowing the remote auditor to completely control and manage all features invoked during the session, thus freeing up the RealWear user to concentrate completely on the task at hand.

Enhancing Communication with Extended Reality

One of the significant advantages of RealWear’s wearable devices is their compatibility with extended reality (XR), a feature also supported by Loookit. This enables auditors to share live camera views for visual assistance, enhance the live stream through object tracking, jointly view and annotate images, take snapshots as visual records and even refer to documents in real-time. This interactive and rich media experience significantly reduces the potential for misunderstandings, ensuring accurate and effective inspections.

Securing Compliance

Data security and compliance are key in audit processes. Loookit’s secure and ephemeral feature, which allows businesses to choose whether to retain or discard data after a session, offers full compliance with data regulations. This gives companies peace of mind that they are meeting their legal obligations while still benefiting from the digital transformation of their audit processes.

Multilingual Support

With support for multiple languages, both Loookit and RealWear facilitate effective communication across diverse teams, ensuring that language barriers do not impede the remote auditing and inspection process.

Revolutionizing Remote Field Support

With the combination of RealWear and Loookit, businesses can provide efficient remote support for field audits and inspections. This revolutionary technology eliminates geographical constraints, reduces travel costs, and increases efficiency, while still maintaining high audit and inspection standards.

By embracing the synergy between RealWear’s smart glasses and the Loookit platform, businesses can transform their approach to remote audits and inspections, improving efficiency, enhancing accuracy, and securing compliance in a digital age.

About the author : Rao Gobburu

About the author : Rao Gobburu