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The next generation of communication tools

It’s no secret, devices have become smarter. We have smartphones, smartwatches, smart glasses and so on. All emphasizing “better” connectivity as the cornerstone to becoming “smart”. And on smartphones we see this with basic text messaging which is still a mainstay for communications, increasingly getting squeezed by smarter chat and messaging apps. Smarter through bigger payloads, emojis, rich text, embedded images, automated responses, and so on. WhatsApp, LINE, iPhone Messages, etc – have seen their take up exploding, not just, for person-to-person communication, but also by businesses to communicate with their customers. From my perspective, this has been driven by the convergence of better devices, new internet protocols, and faster networks.

Collaboration tools such as Slack and Discord have been widely available in offices for several years now. Covid drastically accelerated their use among a wider spectrum of use-cases, and people in general have become more comfortable with these types of collaboration services. Just like smart phones paved the way for better messaging, the next generation of collaboration tools will allow seamless co-existence among messaging, video calls, or sharing screens.

Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge have evolved drastically with other web services, and now support advanced communications technologies such as WebRTC that allow audio/video calls, screen sharing, whiteboarding and more. Apple, Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft allow users to click on a link on a web page or a link embedded in a message or email and instantly join an audio/video call or any of the other available collaboration tools. All without the need to download Apps or register with a new service, as was needed in the early days. This new freedom will drive the next evolution in communication — not only for person to person but also for businesses to communicate with their customers.

I’m biased but this all-in-one communications experience is what Loookit delivers – today! Loookit is a beacon for next generation communications delivered directly through web browsers.