Digital technology has revolutionized the way businesses interact with their customers. As customers become more demanding and advanced, organizations need new ways to keep up with their expectations. This is where Loookit comes in. Loookit is an online collaboration platform designed to provide businesses with powerful tools for customer interactions.

Organizations are able to communicate with customers on any device and provide a rich experience that caters to their needs. On top of live audio and video capabilities, it also offers smart triggers, such as QR codes and links for inbound contact; as well as visual support using augmented reality (AR) tools, like shared camera views for remote assistance. Additionally, it provides location sharing options and image annotation capabilities, which can be used for document sharing or mobile app training.

One of the major trends in digital technology is the rise of APIs (application programming interfaces). No longer do organizations have to rely on monolithic integration processes – APIs can now streamline complex activities and free up resources for newer projects. By having a company-wide API integration strategy in place, organizations can unlock tremendous revenue growth potential by connecting user experiences across all channels seamlessly. A study earlier this year revealed that 35% of organizations’ revenue is being generated by APIs and related implementations.

By leveraging automation technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), IT teams are able to address common challenges faced today such as security & governance obstructions, outdated infrastructure or data silos. Automation empowers IT departments to move quickly in meeting line-of-business demands and increase employee productivity & engagement along the way.

In summary, digital technology has opened the door to greater customer engagement & employee satisfaction while feeding business growth at the same time! With the help of platforms like Loookit, it is becoming increasingly easier for businesses to leverage modern technologies so they can stay competitive in this rapidly changing market landscape.

About the author : Writing Contributor

About the author : Writing Contributor