Customer satisfaction, information about customers, product performance, these are all an important measure of success for any business, particularly so for companies that sell products such as appliances. Often the customer is asked to register the product giving an opportunity for the manufacturer to collect customer information and in return provide a warranty. However, this often does not work as many customers neglect to take this additional step.

Whenever there are any service calls or warranty repairs it is between the reseller/installer/service company and the customer. Often the manufacturer is left out of the loop as far as data about a product, its usage  and issues and maintenance it needs. According to a University of Michigan survey only 31% of people usually register their products.

One easy way to auto register the products, specially appliances is to assign QR codes to each one with information about the product, customer, installer, date it was installed etc. As more and more products come with built in digital display screens, often the QR codes can be displayed on a screen on the product itself . When a customer has an issue with the product, they simply scan the QR code and the service tech is contacted while at the same time the manufacturer is also sent the information about the contact along with any relevant details of the interaction automatically. This saves time, duplication and gives  the manufacturer much needed data about the issue, how it was solved, any improvement that need to be made etc. This is the big benefit of applying digital technologies to product registration and customer support. Loookit enables this!!

First, Loookit provides a unique digital entry point with its QR code contact technology. This immediately starts the customer interaction on a digital platform without the need for dialing phone numbers and then directed to websites or links.

Then with the rich set of digital tools that include Chat/Audio/Video plus live sharing of documents, maps, video with AR etc., the customer journey continues smoothly and issues resolved quickly. Data from the interaction is immediately available to the manufacturer as well as the service technician’s organization.