Mobile apps have become indispensable in today’s world, revolutionizing how businesses connect with customers across sectors like healthcare, food delivery, e-commerce, and more. Their increasing sophistication, however, brings challenges, particularly regarding privacy and interaction with external devices like wearables and smart home sensors. This complexity underscores the importance of effective customer support in enhancing user satisfaction and engagement. In a recent blog on Appetize, Nagesh wrote about the significance of this trend.

A health insurance company, offering incentives for maintaining healthy habits tracked via a mobile app, faced significant challenges in assisting subscribers with app navigation. Traditional support methods like voice calls weren’t sufficient for offering detailed, real-time guidance.

The integration of Loookit and Appetize offered a groundbreaking solution that allows agents to co-navigate the app with users. This development improved user experience and increased app engagement.

Traditionally, customer support has relied on tools like live chat, email, and phone support. Yet, these often fall short in addressing specific user issues, especially those involving advanced app features. Enter Loookit, a groundbreaking Remote Visual Assistance service developed by Waagu Inc, using Appetize’s mobile streaming technology. Loookit stands out with its no-download approach and features like Smart Triggers, AR visual support, live document sharing, and multi-language support.

A key innovation of Loookit is the “OneView” Customer Assistance Platform, which simplifies customer participation by allowing help desk agents to control various features during a support session. This approach transformed customer support for a health insurance company, which struggled with assisting users in navigating their app for tracking healthy habits. The integration of Loookit and Appetize enabled agents to co-navigate the app with users, significantly enhancing user experience and app engagement. This is especially useful when it applies to emulation of the target application.

Emulation of the Target Application

Initially, the idea of emulating the target application faced its own set of challenges, particularly in enabling simultaneous operation by agents and users.

Technical Complexity: Developing a system that allowed both support agents and users to interact with an app simultaneously in a cloud environment was technically challenging. It required sophisticated programming and infrastructure.

User Experience Concerns: Ensuring that this interaction was smooth and intuitive for users was crucial. Early versions faced issues with lag and synchronization, impacting the user experience.

Scalability: Scaling this solution to accommodate a large number of users and a variety of apps was another significant challenge that needed to be addressed.

Despite these challenges, the integration of Loookit and Appetize emerged as the most viable solution. The combination of these technologies successfully addressed the issues that other alternatives presented.

Overcoming Technical Challenges: Through persistent development efforts, the technical challenges of mobile streaming were overcome. This resulted in a seamless and synchronized experience for both agents and users.

Enhancing User Experience: The final solution offered a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to engage with support agents without needing technical expertise.

Scalable and Secure: The integrated system proved to be scalable, catering to a large user base and a variety of apps, while maintaining high standards of security and privacy.

As you can see, while each option had its benefits, they also came with notable downsides in complexity, user experience, and resource demands. The decision to integrate Appetize’s mobile streaming tech with the Loookit platform stemmed from these factors. And resulted in crafting a solution that not only tackled users’ immediate needs but also raised the bar for mobile app customer support.

This choice also highlighted Waagu’s dedication to innovation and user satisfaction, ensuring their support system stays effective, user-friendly, and adaptable to the ever-changing mobile tech scene.

Appetize’s extensibility, combined with Loookit’s innovative approach, delivers uniquely tailored solutions, showcasing the potential for any company to build custom solutions on top of mobile emulators in the browser.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Loookit and Appetize represents a significant leap in customer support, bridging gaps with real-time interaction and providing companies with tools to thrive in the competitive landscape of the mobile app industry. To read more about our integration with Appetize, you can read Nagesh’s article on their blog here.


About the author : Nagesh Challa

About the author : Nagesh Challa