SMBs and Loookit

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the demand for tools facilitating remote work and digital transformation is reaching unprecedented heights across all industries. Among the pivotal segments driving this transformation is Customer Communications/Assistance. Traditional phone calls are giving way to cloud-based IP calls, and businesses are embracing remote collaboration empowered by advanced technologies like AI, AR, and VR. These advancements are not only revolutionizing customer interactions but also redefining the way businesses operate in various sectors.

However, amid this digital revolution, it’s crucial to ensure that these capabilities are accessible to all, regardless of business size or internal IT capabilities. Even small businesses, often lacking in-house IT support, should be empowered to provide top-notch customer assistance effortlessly. This is where innovative solutions like Loookit come into play, bridging the gap and democratizing access to advanced digital communication technologies.

Some key requirements include:

  1. An easy and intuitive way to sign up for the service. This could mean avoiding Apps to download and setup for both the business and the customer. Browser based communication services are ideal as they work seamlessly on any device – phones, tablets, PC’s…
  2. At the same time provide multiple ways for both inbound and outbound contact. Links on a website, Chatbots, QR codes, text and social media messaging etc.
  3. Seamless way to switch from chats to audio to video calls while providing advanced tools such screen share, co-browse, video share, AI based search etc.
  4. An onramp to advanced AI capabilities with an easy DIY approach.

Market Dynamics: Seizing Opportunities in Small Business Sector

While large enterprises typically deploy many of these technologies due to their resources and expansive customer bases, there’s an untapped opportunity in the small business sector.

In the United States alone, there are over 5 million businesses with fewer than 20 employees and over 24 million proprietor-run businesses. Many of these small businesses rely on online marketplaces like Etsy, Shopify, and Airbnb for their operations. However, these platforms often lack integrated customer call/assistance services, limiting their capabilities. Recognizing this gap, Loookit is poised to disrupt the market by offering a Do it Yourself (DiY) customer assistance service tailored for small businesses, eliminating the need for complex integrations and empowering entrepreneurs to deliver exceptional customer support seamlessly.

Revolutionizing Customer Assistance with Loookit: Key Features and Advantages

At the heart of Loookit lies a collaborative cloud-based Customer Assistance platform designed to facilitate rich digital interactions without the hassle of downloading apps. Here are some of its standout features and differentiators:

  • Triggers: Loookit meetings can be initiated through various triggers, both inbound and outbound, ensuring seamless communication between agents and customers. These triggers include “help buttons” on websites, patent-pending QR code triggers, and outbound email and messaging triggers.
  • Accessibility: Loookit is accessible across all popular browsers and devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses, ensuring flexibility and convenience for users.
  • Canvas-Based Interactions: The platform supports multiple interactions during a meeting, allowing users to open and switch between multiple canvases with different content, from documents and images to whiteboard functions.
  • Loookit OneView™: All functions and features are presented in a single view, enhancing usability and simplifying navigation across devices.
  • API Integration: Loookit’s flexible API-based architecture allows for easy customization and integration with other systems, catering to specific use cases in different markets.

In addition to these features, Loookit boasts a comprehensive suite of tools including audio/video calls, visual assistance with AR, whiteboard, chat, document sharing and editing, image sharing, screen sharing, location sharing, co-browsing, and mobile app assistance. This extensive feature set, coupled with its ease of configuration, positions Loookit as a leading player in the realm of customer assistance solutions.

Conclusion: Transforming Customer Care for Small Businesses

In the age of digital transformation, empowering small businesses with the tools and technologies needed to deliver exceptional customer assistance is paramount. Loookit stands at the forefront of this revolution, democratizing access to advanced communication capabilities and enabling entrepreneurs to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. As the demand for remote work and digital collaboration continues to soar, Loookit remains committed to driving innovation and empowering businesses of all sizes to succeed in the digital era.


About the author : Jon Franks

About the author : Jon Franks