Exploring Digital Transformation:
Preparing Your Business for the DX Journey

Digital Transformation is about using technology to improve your business and how you interact with customers.

In the fast-evolving landscape of Digital Transformation (DX), “The New Elements of Digital Transformation” serves as a critical guide for businesses looking to stay ahead. With COVID-19 amplifying the urgency of DX, there’s a clear disparity between the industry-leading “digital masters” and other businesses. Shockingly, less than 40% of executives feel they possess the essential capabilities for digital leadership.

  • Digital Transformation Amplified: DX’s significance has soared post-COVID-19 with increased urgency to adapt.
  • “Digital Masters” Lead the Way: Companies mastering the digital shift have superior digital and leadership capabilities.
  • Notable Preparedness Gap: Less than 40% of executives believe they’re fully equipped in digital and leadership aspects.
  • Digital Platform Essentials: Core for operations, Agile for customer interactions, and Data for advanced analytics.
  • Collaboration is Crucial: Seamless partnership between IT, digital, and business leaders is pivotal for successful DX.

This document delves deep into the foundational element of digital transformation – the Digital Platform. Understand the significance of Core Platforms, the agility of External Platforms, and the power of Data Platforms. For any enterprise aiming to bridge the digital divide and foster a collaborative digital culture, this report is indispensable.

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