Customer satisfaction is an important measure of success for any business, including vacation rental companies. There are several key factors that can impact customer satisfaction in the vacation rental industry. These might include the quality and condition of the rental properties, the availability of amenities and services, the convenience and ease of the booking process, the responsiveness and helpfulness of the rental company’s staff, and the overall value for the price. By addressing these and other factors that impact customer satisfaction, vacation rental companies can improve the experiences of their customers and increase the likelihood that they will return in the future.

One of the important factors is providing timely and helpful support and assistance to customers during their stays. Often only the owners can provide the best assistance as they are the most familiar with the residence and the surroundings. Currently this is provided either by phone calls or messaging back and forth through the App. Loookit changes all that and brings a rich set of digital tools to the interaction without apps or downloads or complex setups.

First, Loookit provides a unique digital entry point with its QR code contact technology. This immediately starts the customer interaction on a digital platform without the need for dialing phone numbers and then directed to websites or links. Then with the rich set of digital tools that include Chat/Audio/Video plus live sharing of documents, maps, video with AR etc., the customer journey continues smoothly and issues resolved quickly.