Use Cases

Loookit brings collaborative customer engagement capabilities to a variety of customer interactions.

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Virtual Customer Service and Support

Loookit’s multi-media interactions are ideal for remote field support—whether guiding customers through installations or troubleshooting and diagnosing issues with home appliances, devices, or industrial equipment.

Virtual Classrooms​

With its interactive, multi-user whiteboarding and screen sharing, Loookit creates a collaborative environment for the virtual classroom.

Mobile Emergency Services

Loookit instantaneously determines the location of the individual needing roadside service or healthcare, while video and snapshots help agents assess damages and injuries quickly.

Vacation Rentals and Hospitality

Loookit’s live audio and video let remote hosts interactively acquaint guests with their accommodations and local services.

Mobile Deal and Contract Closes

Loookit removes the need for scanned forms and signatures—multiple people can collaboratively fill out and sign a form or contract, making it easy to close sales and financial, real estate, and legal deals.

Remote Identity Verification

Loookit’s multi-media interactions make for quick, remote identity confirmations, and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance.

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